Household Appliance Repairs in Van Nuys, CA

The entire process of contacting AirFlo Company, Inc. to service your equipment is smooth and hassle-free from the beginning to the end. The first step is connecting with us and determining which window of time is most convenient for us to help you. We will send our most skilled technician to your home or office to service the appliance.

The list of appliances we tend to extends beyond what we mention on the website, but it includes appliances such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Trash Compactors
  • Grills
  • More
  • Freezers
  • Wine Coolers
  • Ice Makers
  • Ranges
  • Wall Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Ventilation Hoods
  • Grills and Outdoor Appliances

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Major Appliance Repairs

There are many good reasons to contact us to service the appliances at your business. One reason is that we provide a warranty for the machine and the work. We are an authorized factory repair provider, which means getting your services from us preserves the warranty on your appliances.

You may not have known this, but you also get a warranty on the work we perform. This warranty lasts for 30 days after we lay hands on your equipment. Thus, you can file a warranty claim if you feel we did something improperly or did not treat you with the highest levels of courtesy and kindness.

We will visit your facility at your earliest convenience and attempt to schedule the procedures as quickly as possible.

Household Appliance Repair

We also provide diagnostic and repair services to individual homeowners. We only ask that you reserve a few hours so that you can be inside your home when we visit.

We cannot give you an accurate price quote until we visit your home and check the appliance. We’ll need to examine it to pinpoint the issue. After that, we can tell you a price based on labor costs and part prices.

When you trust us with your equipment enough to invite us into your home for a repair, we want you to be completely confident in that choice. Thus, we will not hold you to any obligations. It is an absolute honor for us to receive the right to work on your products. That’s how we view every work order for every client.
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Why should I select an Authorized Service Company?

Appliance Manufacturers recommend using only authorized service companies so as to ensure that the product warranty is maintained.
If you use a non-authorized service company, Manufacturer cannot authenticate that the work has been performed according to their standards with factory parts. It will cancel your factory warranty.

How long is your warranty?

We provide 1 year parts warranty and 30 days labor warranty on residential appliances.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

It is impossible to determine what is wrong with your appliance over the phone. To get accurate diagnostics and pricing for parts and labor we have to send the technician for an inspection. Service call fees are normally applied towards the repair if customer wants the service.

Do you provide same-day service?

We always seek to send a technician to your home as quickly as possible.

Where can I find service manuals for my appliance?

To download user and care manuals from the manufacturers web site click here.

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After the technician looks at the equipment and discusses the diagnosis, you can arrange for the repairs to be performed at the most convenient times. The technician will do his or her best to restore your appliance to optimum functionality so that you can continue your business or personal endeavors. Reach out soon to start the process.